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Maps: A Broadside Portfolio (Vol. 3 No. 6)

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The attraction of maps is undeniable. Drawn in beautiful inks and adorned by flowing script, or crafted by engineers and stretching beyond our wildest imaginations, in maps we find the marriage of diversion and utility. They bestow a sense of reason and order in a chaotic universe, lend verisimilitude to our realms of fantasy. We depend on them in our times of need; when we are lost and helpless, what do we desire more than a map to show us the way?

Yet, the vast collections in our libraries and the ever-growing, mind-boggling maps of the internet prove not only the expanse of our knowledge, but the immensity of our ignorance. They are, by nature, representations, not only of particular geographies, but of moments in time—political, social, economic, and even atmospheric. At the same time as they represent the totality of our knowledge, they show us the limits and shores still to be explored. We are ever expanding, ever increasing, ever charting and mapping our latest discoveries. We present, therefore, this portfolio of broadsides, an exploration of our worlds, our knowledge, and our maps.

All broadside leaflets are hand crafted and letterpress printed on archival stock. From recipes to poetry, prose, and quotations, Thornwillow broadsides put literature in your pocket.

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- Mile For Mile
- Vitruvian Man
- Treasure Island
- Colonial Africa
- America
- Here Be Dragons
- Galileo
- Population Circle
- Compass Rose
- Tangled Webs

This unique Broadside Portfolio is one of many in our Broadside Library, a collection of quotes, poems, recipes, musings, and more, which aim to both amuse and inspire. Give it as a gift, keep it for yourself, frame it, hide it, find it again, however you choose to enjoy this traditional style of publication, it is sure to be the perfect keepsake for any occasion.

Our Broadside Collection is 100% Hand Crafted in the USA using the finest archival materials.

Additional Information
Format Cosmo Frenchfold
Dimensions 3 13/16" x 5 1/4"
Edition Ten broadsides, enclosed in an archival box.
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