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Universe: A Broadside Portfolio (Vol. 2 No. 12)

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In the era of GPS, we think we know where we are. Yet, the system often fails us—stories abound of GPS leading people the wrong way. We think of our location as a binary: we know where we are or we don’t. Before the invention of GPS, location was considered a spectrum. People knew generally, rather than specifically, where they were. We have made great strides in physically orienting ourselves in the world, and in the broader solar system, but this is only part of the larger issue of belonging.

Knowing where we are is not the same as knowing where we should be. Such questions have been addressed by philosophers and theologians from time immemorial. In recognition of their work, we present this survey of thoughts on our place in the universe.

All broadside leaflets are hand crafted and letterpress printed on archival stock. From recipes to poetry, prose, and quotations, Thornwillow broadsides put literature in your pocket.

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- Turtles All The Way DownWilliam James and Infinite Regress
- Gods Suffer Too
The Six Cyclic Realms of Samsara
- Dealing With DistortionA Brief History of Map Projections
- What Makes ‘Earth’ Special
Terrestrial Etymology
- Cosmic Belly-ButtonsThe Many Centers of the Universe
- Hello From the Children of Planet Earth, The Greetings of Voyager 2
- All Roads Lead to RomeImperial Centers in Cosmology
- Kids These Days, Generational Change and Disdain
- One Big LieScience Fiction in American Culture
- I Pledge Allegiance
The Centering of the Nation

This unique Broadside is one of many in our Broadside Library, a collection of quotes, poems, recipes, musings, and more, which aim to both amuse and inspire.

Give it as a gift, keep it for yourself, frame it, hide it, find it again, however you choose to enjoy this traditional style of publication, it is sure to be the perfect keepsake for any occasion.

Our Broadside Collection is 100% Hand Crafted in the USA using the finest archival materials.

Additional Information
Format Cosmo Frenchfold
Dimensions 3 13/16" x 5 1/4"
Edition Ten broadsides, enclosed in an archival box.
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