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Berlin Metropolis: Portfolio of Prints

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As an imperial capital, Berlin was the site of violent political revolution and radical aesthetic innovation. After the German defeat in World War I, collage and montage were conceived as appropriate forms to destroy the traditional bourgeois concept of art. The Berlin Dadaists were reflecting upon the horrors of war—the trauma of a mechanized conflict—and the terrors of revolution and civil war. This new spirit was reflected in the artistic, political, and social statements of artists during the birth and formation of the fragile Weimar democracy.

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Berlin Metropolis, Portfolio: 12 prints in a clamshell box with preface by Olaf Peters, First Edition of 185 Copies, 2015.

Included are exact reproductions of the following prints:

- I and the City, 1913 Ludwig Meidner
- Panorama (Down with Liebknecht), 1919 George Grosz
- Diabolo Player, 1920 George Grosz
- A Bourgeois Precision Brain Incites a World Movement (later known as Dada Triumphs), 1920 Raoul Hausmann
- The Singer, 1926 Hannah Höch
- The Racing Reporter (Egon Erwin Kisch), 1926 Umbo (Otto Umbehr)
- Half-Nude, 1926 Otto Dix
- Two Girls, 1928 Christian Schad
- Collage, 1930 Lilly Reich
- Film still of Marlene Dietrich in Josef von Sternberg’s “Shanghai Express,” 1932
- Lonely Metropolitan, 1932 Herbert Bayer
- The Thousand-Year Reich, 1934 John Heartfield

Additional Information
Author (Preface) Dr. Olaf Peters
About The Author Professor of Art History at the Martin-Luther Universität Halle-Wittenberg, distinguished scholar, and historian.

Portfolio & Book: 15" x 17"  

Clamshell: 15 1/8" x 17 1/8"

Edition First Edition of 185 portfolios signed by the publisher, japenese bound book with 12 prints in folders, clamshell box with leather spine label
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