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Magic: A Broadside Portfolio (Vol. 3 No. 5)

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A magician never reveals his secrets.
Magic has long been a form of concealment: of a trick, of the truth, or even of a still greater mystery. It is our scapegoat, the explanation we give for that which is impossible, or too complicated, or too inconvenient to explain. But, equally so, it is also our power. Though we tend to think of magic as juvenile or primitive, something to outgrow and replace with scientific reason and fact, it is perhaps also one our greatest assets—that we may take delight in the unexplained. Magic lends us a sense of hope and wonder. When we allow ourselves to experience magic, even for just a glimmering moment, we allow ourselves to find whimsy where we might otherwise find fear and inspiration where there is trepidation. We present this portfolio, our spell book, that we may pull back the curtain on some of humanity’s greatest tricks and revel in the sense of awe we deem magic.

All broadside leaflets are hand crafted and letterpress printed on archival stock. From recipes to poetry, prose, and quotations, Thornwillow broadsides put literature in your pocket.

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The Magic Words
- The Telescope
- Jargon File
- The Hanged Man
- The Zodiac
- Words of Power
- It’s Happening Inside Your Head
- Escapology
- Inattentional Blindness

This unique Broadside Portfolio is one of many in our Broadside Library, a collection of quotes, poems, recipes, musings, and more, which aim to both amuse and inspire. Give it as a gift, keep it for yourself, frame it, hide it, find it again, however you choose to enjoy this traditional style of publication, it is sure to be the perfect keepsake for any occasion.

Our Broadside Collection is 100% Hand Crafted in the USA using the finest archival materials.

Additional Information
Format Cosmo Frenchfold
Dimensions 3 13/16" x 5 1/4"
Edition Ten broadsides, enclosed in an archival box.
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